Saturday, July 21, 2007

County Fair Week

This week was the fair in our little town, which is a BIG deal and part of the reason for my blogging absence. Someday I plan on doing a post about the little town that we live in, partly because it's hard for many people to imagine what it's like. There are only 640 people here so it makes for a very quaint fair, to say the least! There are only about 10 rides, half of which are just for children. It's great for just spending some family time and letting the kids have fun! Of course, we don't want to forget the great funnel cakes and onion blossoms, part of the reason the fair gets our business! Tonight is the last night, the demolition derby. I think I'll take Tyler and head to Wam-Mart while Tim and Brianna go to that, it's so loud and I'm afraid the noise will bother Tyler, not to mention the dust and fumes. Behind Tyler is the Super Slide, that got Brianna's attention!
One of the many rides that Brianna loved

The calf-roping event - I love the competion in it


CALISTA said...

A county fair! How fun! I hope we can all go to the state fair this year... hopefully Magnus enjoys it if we do. Me & Mag are flying with Joe to Dallas for a week (he has schooling again - for the plane he usually flies) & plan to go to a rodeo since they NEVER have rodeos in VA... (if I'd known that, we never would've moved here.. lol) I'm taking earplugs for Magnus, & hopefully he'll do okay! We leave Aug.4th.

Springer Family said...

Looks like so much fun! We got to go to the livestock show this year & it was great fun. I love little towns - the valley is growing so much its almost like a big city anymore. :-(