Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An early Birthday party

Even though Tyler's birthday isn't until Nov. 10th, we celebrated a little early last night so that Grandpa and Grandma Myers could be here too. It was so cute, Tyler wasn't all that excited about the gifts or the cake, he was so tired that all he wanted to do was lay down on the floor or on my lap. He ate a TON of lasagna for supper and that must have wore him out because by 7:30 he was ready for bed but we tortured him by giving him presents and his own little cake. He didn't want to unwrap any presents at all, lucky for him Brianna was more that happy to help him in that department. We then went right to the cake because he was fading fast. Tyler seemed pretty happy when we set that little cake down in front of him, but he didn't tear into it like we though he would. He just stuck one little finger out and into the cake and just dug out little bitty bites and put them into his mouth, he seemed to love the frosting but I think he liked the cake more. I finally had to take it away from him, we were afraid that he was going to get sick! I think he was secretly relived, he was happy to be put in bed and didn't even move, just went right to sleep, just too much excitement for a little boy!Grandpa and Tyler figuring out how to work the toy
Awww, look at that little pudgy hand!
He's really getting into it by now!
I made another cake for the rest of us so Brianna wanted her picture taken with the pumpkin cake!Tonight we'll be going trick-or-treating here in town. Brianna has been looking forward to this for several weeks now so this morning I told her that today was FINALLY here, we were going to dress up and trick-or-treat tonight. Her only response? "What will I do if I get too much candy?" Kids, you don't know what they'll say next! I told her that we would just give the extra candy away and she seemed ok with that!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hunting season is upon us! :)

Just wanted to poke my head in here for a quick minute to say that I'll be taking a little blogging hiatus. Tim's parents are coming to visit for several days, they are finally making the long trek out here to the middle of nowhere! Tim's dad was out here last year when Tyler was born but his mother hasen't ever been here, I'm sure she'll be rethinking her decision to come after the 18 hr. drive! I know they are excited to see the kids, its been almost a year since they last saw them, Tyler was only 7 wks. old. I'm sure they'll see just a slight difference in him!

Tim is anxious to take his Dad hunting, the small game season comes in tomorrow,(convienent!) so they are going to buy their licenses and get out there early in the morning! Tim came home last night and told me that his friend said he would take all the pheasents that Tim shot, they both knew I would be happy about that! Venison seems to be the only kind of wild meat that I can cook with a half-way strong stomach, the rest I just can't deal with!

And now I'll leave you with these pictures, we had obviously been shopping too long at Sam's Club! She had been so good that day and these huge stuffed animals were dirt cheap, she choose the lion, must have been real comfy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jack'O'Lanterns and Pumpkin Tattoos, oh my!

Well we finally got our pumpkins carved the other night. Brianna had been after us for a week or so but it had to be put off for a while. Tim had to go to NC for business, and since he was gone for 4 days,( which by the way, seemed much longer, I don't know how single-mothers keep their sanity!) we set to work carving the next day that he was back. Tim carved Tyler's, who by the way was already in bed by the time we started, and Brianna and I worked on hers, she took over while I was taking pictures and did pretty good.

After the carving was completed, Brianna decided to up the decorating a little bit and include some drawings with a marker as well!
The finished result
Applying the 'pumpkin tattoos', just a creative name for rub-ons, basically.
Some days I feel like the one on the right!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Just to show my Dad

that the little truck is still a winning item! This parade was a while ago but I still wanted to post some pictures, I said I would do this a while ago and sorry I'm just getting around to it! Brianna rode in the truck with Tim, you can just barely see her head in the close-up, I wasn't thinking or I would have been on the other side of the rode to get a picture of her. Tim and she had a lot of fun throwing candy to all the kids, the were completely out by the time the parade route ended, not surprised! Brianna had so much fun, she really loves riding in the truck.

The Prize Money! :) Very funny, I know!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Fall!

We managed a quick little photo shoot outside this morning, with quite a few successes, I was so happy! Fall is probably my favorite season to scrapbook so now I have some nice pictures to work with, not to mention great memories with my adorable children!

My professional little poser, you can tell she's been doing this for 4+ yrs!
"Mom, Tyler won't stand still, he wants to walk to you!"
The only photo Tyler could pull off, he kept wanting to take off and go places!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I need a cleaning lady right now! :(

I don't have much time to be blogging today, I really shouldn't be at the computer at all! My house looks like a tornado passed by right through the dining room, kitchen, into the living room and on into playroom, Aaarrrggghhh!!! Things don't usually get this bad around here, usually it's just one or two rooms that need some attention but not this week, oh no, it's every square inch of this house. It hasn't really helped that Tyler has been a little fussy lately, very clingy and not wanting to be put down very much. Don't know, maybe he's finally going to get some more teeth, (he only has 4 and will be 1 yr.old in 3 wks.) So while the laundry is being washed by my wonderful new washer and Tyler is napping, I will get in gear and get cleaning!

I did want to share this really neat website that I found the other day:
If you like the holiday baking and decorating, they have a lot of great ideas, including a lot of stuff for kids too. The Moms at preschool are responsible for the snacks and when it comes my turn again I will definitely be printing off some of the recipes!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Preschool Daze, Part 2

Brianna's first day of school, she was so excited to get going it was hard to get a good picture! She picked out her Dora backpack and loves wheeling it around.

The "tree" in the classroom has a bunch of branches and push-pins that the kids hang their
leaves on. Each morning they are taken down and put on a table and the kids have to find their own to put up again. It has really helped Brianna with her letter recognition.

Putting the leaf with her name on it, up on the tree.

Preschool daze

Iam just now getting around to posting pictures of Brianna on her first day of preschool, I know I'm a bit late but better late than never, right? I know that her Grammy and cousin Calista will enjoy these even though they are overdue! She absolutely LOVES school, although I think the novelty has worn off a little bit, she doesn't really talk about it that much at home anymore. They are going through the alphabet one letter at a time and spend 2 days per letter. Ms. Cheryl (Brianna's teacher) always sends home little worksheets for the kids to complete and if they are right they get a prize of some kind the next day. I'm very pleased with how much Brianna is learning, I' wasen't sure how much would be able to be taught in just 2 hrs. a day but she surprises me sometimes! This past week was Fire Prevention Week and they had the fire drills and even got to take a ride on the fire truck, I think that was a highlight! She came home and demonstrated to Tim and I how to "Stop, Drop, and Roll", it was so cute! She said " OK, pretend like I'm on fire," and preceded to act it out!

Making sure that "Bunny" was safely tucked inside for the trip to school!
Out the door, looks like Sophie thinks she is going too! For some reason Blogger won't allow me to upload any more pictures, I'll try again later on! Believe me, there are quite a few more!

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Dad, his boy and his toy

Tim has been saying for a while now that he wants an electric scooter so a couple months ago he went and bought one. Don't ask me why, I still haven't really figured it out yet! One of the things I've learned about marriage is to just keep my mouth shut sometimes! We live out in the country so he loves to take little rides on it and look for deer, turkeys, pheasants and any other kind of wildlife that he can find. Brianna loves to ride on it too so sometimes I take her for a ride and I've even seen Tim taking BOTH of the kids for a ride once or twice. He really loves to take Tyler for rides, there's just something about a Dad and his little boy and a little man-to-man time! I should probably mention that this scooter goes about 15 mph, surprising, huh?!

Brianna has become quite the little wild-life watcher. She is usually the first one to point out the deer or turkey alongside the road, many times before Tim even sees them . Me, I'm a hopeless case, I can't see deer unless they are standing in the road in front of me, much less see them several hundred yards away in a field next to some trees. I'm afraid I'm just not as much of an outdoor person as my husband and daughter are!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Watch out world, here comes Tyler!

Tyler just started walking this week! He is 11 months today and is so curious about everything, there's not much in this house that he hasn't gotten into! He hasn't really started walking on his own to get to toys, etc, pretty much just to Tim and I. I think this might be an interesting next several months, notice how FAST he is walking! I think Mommy will be trying to slow him down a little bit, but probably to no avail, he's all boy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Aren't they Beautiful?

So here they are, they are finally making their appearance on my blog! I absolutely love my new washer and dryer, they make life so much easier. They have huge capacities, they can even wash king size bedding! This is so great for me, this means no more going to the laundromat even after camping trips when sleeping bags and such need washed. I'm still learning the different cycles on the washer, it has a total of 9 different ones, including a Steamfresh cycle that is equilavent to dry cleaning. Do you see the instructions hanging on the sides? That is the basic instructions meant to be readily accessible, its come in handy several times! The best part about them? The washer and dryer each only cost $10.00 per year to run!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pumpkin Farm, hayrides and corn mazes

Today we took a little family time and went to the pumpkin farm that we go to every year. We took a hay ride down to the maze and pumpkin patch. This was the first time that Tim and I had been to a corn maze and we both agreed that it will probably be our last! It started out great but about 2 minutes into it we realized that it was WAY too bumpy for the stroller so I carried Tyler while Tim folded up the stroller and rolled it behind him! We may look pretty happy in the picture to the left but the was merely good acting on my part! I get really severe headaches in the heat and today was no exception, even though it was only about 90 degrees, still hot but could have been worse. Well, we finally made it out of the maze, thanks to Tim. He is the world's greatest map reader, if it had been up to me we would still be wandering around in there!
We went on to pick a couple good sized pumpkins to carve, one for Brianna and one for Tyler. Stay tune for those pictures, Tim is the carver in this family, he loves to make jack-o-lanterns.

The Barrel Train gave the kids fun rides

Why do they always choose the biggest and heaviest ones? :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Did you know this about me? :)

Well, since I've been tagged a couple times and since I finally have my computer put together again I'll try to think of 7 interesting things about myself:

1. My dream vacation? A week in Italy sightseeing and eating pasta and bread!
2. My favorite type of food in definitely Italian as you probably guessed from #1, but my second favorite is (authentic) Mexican food.
3. I love to shop, Kohl's and Target are among my favorite stores.
4. I have a paralyzing fear of driving on bad roads, (e.g. really muddy and slippery or snowy and icy) ever since I rolled my car when I was 19, I am now a really cautious driver!
5. I have an Associates Degree in Medical Assisting even though I always wanted to be an R.N. I plan on going back to school when the kids are grown and finish my education.
6. I once got threatened with jail time when I was 19 from a judge for having 3 speeding tickets within a year. She put the fear of God in me and I haven't had a ticket since!
7. My dream job? Motherhood, I love that it challenges me everyday to be a better person for the little people that are looking up to me!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

First Dentist Appt.

Before I get to the Dentist details I would like to let everyone know that I FINALLY have my computer back! I feel like getting down on my hands and knees and hugging my hard drive, I've missed it that much! I'm sure it will take me a while to get caught up, I'm so glad to be back! And now to the important news . . . . .

Brianna had her first Dentist's visit a couple weeks ago. About a year ago she bit down on a rather large electrical cord and actually bent a couple of her teeth. I think she has learned her lesson and I was not planning on taking her to get checked until she started complaining about one of her front teeth hurting. After a check the Dr. said there isn't anything they can do and that the roots don't appear to be damaged. I just give her Tylenol when she says it hurts now. She really did well, I was surprised that she wasn't scared, I think she was pretty impressed by everything, she just climbed up in the chair like she had done it a dozen times before. The Dentist did say that he thought that braces would be in her future, something that I have thought for a while now. Brianna's not nervous about that either, she has a friend that has them and thinks they are pretty cool, she's been asking for them them for a while now! I'm sure she'll be singing a different tune when the time comes!

She already had her mouth open and the dentist wasn't even there yet!