Thursday, October 4, 2007

Did you know this about me? :)

Well, since I've been tagged a couple times and since I finally have my computer put together again I'll try to think of 7 interesting things about myself:

1. My dream vacation? A week in Italy sightseeing and eating pasta and bread!
2. My favorite type of food in definitely Italian as you probably guessed from #1, but my second favorite is (authentic) Mexican food.
3. I love to shop, Kohl's and Target are among my favorite stores.
4. I have a paralyzing fear of driving on bad roads, (e.g. really muddy and slippery or snowy and icy) ever since I rolled my car when I was 19, I am now a really cautious driver!
5. I have an Associates Degree in Medical Assisting even though I always wanted to be an R.N. I plan on going back to school when the kids are grown and finish my education.
6. I once got threatened with jail time when I was 19 from a judge for having 3 speeding tickets within a year. She put the fear of God in me and I haven't had a ticket since!
7. My dream job? Motherhood, I love that it challenges me everyday to be a better person for the little people that are looking up to me!


Taylors said...

Hey Lori! What a surprise to hear from you! I'm so glad to read about your family! Hope you have a great day.....

CALISTA said...

Oh cool! I didn't know you wanted to go to Italy! Being that Italian is one of my favorite foods too maybe I should go with you!! =) Also love the new blog color for autumn! burnt orange is one of my fav. colors.

sankey family said...

I enjoyed your 7 comments about yourself. Come see us sometime so you can enjoy that authentic Mexican food again.


Vonnie said...

Very neat and interesting.