Friday, October 26, 2007

Hunting season is upon us! :)

Just wanted to poke my head in here for a quick minute to say that I'll be taking a little blogging hiatus. Tim's parents are coming to visit for several days, they are finally making the long trek out here to the middle of nowhere! Tim's dad was out here last year when Tyler was born but his mother hasen't ever been here, I'm sure she'll be rethinking her decision to come after the 18 hr. drive! I know they are excited to see the kids, its been almost a year since they last saw them, Tyler was only 7 wks. old. I'm sure they'll see just a slight difference in him!

Tim is anxious to take his Dad hunting, the small game season comes in tomorrow,(convienent!) so they are going to buy their licenses and get out there early in the morning! Tim came home last night and told me that his friend said he would take all the pheasents that Tim shot, they both knew I would be happy about that! Venison seems to be the only kind of wild meat that I can cook with a half-way strong stomach, the rest I just can't deal with!

And now I'll leave you with these pictures, we had obviously been shopping too long at Sam's Club! She had been so good that day and these huge stuffed animals were dirt cheap, she choose the lion, must have been real comfy!


sankey family said... cute!
Tell Uncle Don and Aunt Beth that we all said hello from Salamanca!


Vonnie said...

So cute!!! So glad you will be seeing U. Don and A. Beth. Tell them Hi from Alaska too. :)

Springer Family said...

It would be great to be pushed around sleeping with a big lion!! :-) LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori, I finally found out that I can comment under anonymous! I just love checking your blog! You get the cutest pics of the kids. I also enjoy reading your journaling!
Aunt Martha

Lori said...

Welcome, Aunt Martha, I'm so glad you found my blog! Great hearing from you! Hopefully we can catch up with you when we're in NC in Dec.