Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pumpkin Farm, hayrides and corn mazes

Today we took a little family time and went to the pumpkin farm that we go to every year. We took a hay ride down to the maze and pumpkin patch. This was the first time that Tim and I had been to a corn maze and we both agreed that it will probably be our last! It started out great but about 2 minutes into it we realized that it was WAY too bumpy for the stroller so I carried Tyler while Tim folded up the stroller and rolled it behind him! We may look pretty happy in the picture to the left but the was merely good acting on my part! I get really severe headaches in the heat and today was no exception, even though it was only about 90 degrees, still hot but could have been worse. Well, we finally made it out of the maze, thanks to Tim. He is the world's greatest map reader, if it had been up to me we would still be wandering around in there!
We went on to pick a couple good sized pumpkins to carve, one for Brianna and one for Tyler. Stay tune for those pictures, Tim is the carver in this family, he loves to make jack-o-lanterns.

The Barrel Train gave the kids fun rides

Why do they always choose the biggest and heaviest ones? :)


Springer Family said...

Sounds so fun! I love fall time! We have a corn maze in the valley, if you can believe that. But its just not the same as doing it up north! We went last year, but I'm not too sure I'm ready to take the kids!

sankey family said...

Awwww...I miss those pumpkin farm visits. My kids always loved them!

Vonnie said...

Awwww that looks like so much fun!! Sorry you got a headache.. that doesn't make for a great time. You need to come visit Alaska. We have about 30 degrees as a high today. :)

Martha C said...

Your maze bit is too funny! :-)