Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jack'O'Lanterns and Pumpkin Tattoos, oh my!

Well we finally got our pumpkins carved the other night. Brianna had been after us for a week or so but it had to be put off for a while. Tim had to go to NC for business, and since he was gone for 4 days,( which by the way, seemed much longer, I don't know how single-mothers keep their sanity!) we set to work carving the next day that he was back. Tim carved Tyler's, who by the way was already in bed by the time we started, and Brianna and I worked on hers, she took over while I was taking pictures and did pretty good.

After the carving was completed, Brianna decided to up the decorating a little bit and include some drawings with a marker as well!
The finished result
Applying the 'pumpkin tattoos', just a creative name for rub-ons, basically.
Some days I feel like the one on the right!


CALISTA said...

Oh those pumpkins are way cute! I want to carve a couple - I haven't done that in years! It's still so hot here though, that they'd "melt" on the front porch I'm sure, so I need to wait a little while longer. And I agree... 4 days away from a hubby is too long. The sanity takes a terrible tumble, especially when you're like we are - no family or friends within a gazillion miles!

Springer Family said...

So cute!!

Vonnie said...

Very cute!! Nice job and a fun thing for the whole family!

sankey family said...

How cute - Brianna looks so intent on doing a good job!
I love the new look of your blog.


Taylors said...

What fun!! Those pumpkins are adorable!