Friday, October 12, 2007

A Dad, his boy and his toy

Tim has been saying for a while now that he wants an electric scooter so a couple months ago he went and bought one. Don't ask me why, I still haven't really figured it out yet! One of the things I've learned about marriage is to just keep my mouth shut sometimes! We live out in the country so he loves to take little rides on it and look for deer, turkeys, pheasants and any other kind of wildlife that he can find. Brianna loves to ride on it too so sometimes I take her for a ride and I've even seen Tim taking BOTH of the kids for a ride once or twice. He really loves to take Tyler for rides, there's just something about a Dad and his little boy and a little man-to-man time! I should probably mention that this scooter goes about 15 mph, surprising, huh?!

Brianna has become quite the little wild-life watcher. She is usually the first one to point out the deer or turkey alongside the road, many times before Tim even sees them . Me, I'm a hopeless case, I can't see deer unless they are standing in the road in front of me, much less see them several hundred yards away in a field next to some trees. I'm afraid I'm just not as much of an outdoor person as my husband and daughter are!


CALISTA said...

Oh my... yes, mens' mind are on a completely different track than ours, & the mouth-shut policy is always a good idea! Not always an easy one to follow though, when you're just thinking, "what in the world is your logic here?!"

Martha C said...

This is too funny. I always thought of scooters as an "old man" thing. Guess Tim proved that theory incorrect. :-)

Vonnie said...

Cute scooter... I've had to keep my mouth shut about a few things before. heehee Nice dad and son time though!! :)

Anonymous said...

How come Tim got the scooter AFTER our visit?


Lori said...

Dad, sorry about that, come visit us again soon and you can take it for a ride!