Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An early Birthday party

Even though Tyler's birthday isn't until Nov. 10th, we celebrated a little early last night so that Grandpa and Grandma Myers could be here too. It was so cute, Tyler wasn't all that excited about the gifts or the cake, he was so tired that all he wanted to do was lay down on the floor or on my lap. He ate a TON of lasagna for supper and that must have wore him out because by 7:30 he was ready for bed but we tortured him by giving him presents and his own little cake. He didn't want to unwrap any presents at all, lucky for him Brianna was more that happy to help him in that department. We then went right to the cake because he was fading fast. Tyler seemed pretty happy when we set that little cake down in front of him, but he didn't tear into it like we though he would. He just stuck one little finger out and into the cake and just dug out little bitty bites and put them into his mouth, he seemed to love the frosting but I think he liked the cake more. I finally had to take it away from him, we were afraid that he was going to get sick! I think he was secretly relived, he was happy to be put in bed and didn't even move, just went right to sleep, just too much excitement for a little boy!Grandpa and Tyler figuring out how to work the toy
Awww, look at that little pudgy hand!
He's really getting into it by now!
I made another cake for the rest of us so Brianna wanted her picture taken with the pumpkin cake!Tonight we'll be going trick-or-treating here in town. Brianna has been looking forward to this for several weeks now so this morning I told her that today was FINALLY here, we were going to dress up and trick-or-treat tonight. Her only response? "What will I do if I get too much candy?" Kids, you don't know what they'll say next! I told her that we would just give the extra candy away and she seemed ok with that!


Springer Family said...

Everything looks so fun!!! :-)

Vonnie said...

So cute... good to see a picture of U. Don. Happy Birthday little Tyler (a few days early).

sankey family said...

Looks like a happy birthday party! Tyler and Brianna are so cute!
And yes, it was good to see Uncle Don on the blog, too.

CALISTA said...

I smiled when I read about Tyler being too pooped to party! That was so cute. Sounds like he's a good eater though! I don't know if Magnus would go for Lasagna! We usually almost have to force-feed him his baby food as it is!