Monday, November 5, 2007

It's inevitiable,

one person happens to get sick and the rest in our household are so nicely following suit! Tim happened to catch a bad cold/sinus bug last week and is still sick with it, Brianna came down with just cold-like symptoms Sat. and this morning Tyler woke up with a nasty cough/runny nose/hoarse sounding voice. I'm just waiting with abated breath until it hits me, I'm hoping against hope that it doesn't, everybody knows that it's in the Mommy Rulebook that we can't get sick! It just doesn't work well trying to take care of 2 children and keep the house running when you're lying on the couch sick as a dog!

The weather has attributed to the bug that's been going around, I'm sure. One day it's 70 degrees, the next it's 50, like today. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, but it's rather chilly today. We are loving the great fall-like temperatures that we have this year, but hoping that we don't continue to suffer from the sicknesses that they seem to bring!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to try this again~ hope it will work. I'm so sorry to hear of the sickness going around in the family. Wish I was closer~ I'd be right over to help! We sure love all the neat pictures~ it so wonderful to keep up a little better with the children and see how they're growing. Though, it would not hurt my feelings if they'd slow down just a bit!! Love you all bunches~ Mom

Springer Family said...

Awe, I know its terrible to be sick & try to keep everything up! I'll pray that God spares you this time. :-)