Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Burnin' and Cuttin'

We've been doing some outdoor improvements lately. I am using the word 'we' very loosely here, as you can see I'm not in any of the pictures actually cutting down trees or tending to the massive fire, nope, I was simply behind the camera lens capturing the moments! I believe this is the best place for me, I'm not crazy about fires and the trees, well, they only required 2 people to cut them down. So, I just wasn't needed! :)
See those giant pieces of the tree trunk? The man that helped Tim cut the 3 trees down took all the wood home, except for one of those pieces. I'll tell you my plans for that one later.Tyler was pretty facinated with the whole process.These kids(all 3 of them!) love this 4-wheeler!
Just a view from our back door, I thought it was so pretty. Even though we live in town you would never know it, we have 5 acres of country right behind us. See those pine trees to the right? There are some closer to the house that Tim is going to move that Giant chunk of Lumber to. I thought it would make a neat place for pictures.


sankey family said...

Love the photo of the 3 on the 4 wheeler. And that piece of tree trunk is massive!
I love family projects.

Martha C said...

As I sit tucked away in a subdivision, you make me miss SD! :-)

CALISTA said...

Very cool pictures! I love the one of Sophie gazing towards the fire. Your view is so pretty! It's cool when you can live in town AND in the country at the same time!

Vonnie said...

Looking very nice! Also looks like alot of fun!

Mrs. Deb. Blowers said...

Hi Lori,
I've had fun keeping updated with what is happening with you and your family. I came across your blog while on someone elses page. I love the nice pics and your kids are sure cute and growing up so fast.