Saturday, November 29, 2008

An update

I've fallen way behind in my regular posting, my apologies to my 3 readers! :) This time of year can get quite crazy as I'm sure everyone is feeling right now.

I braved the crowds yesterday at 5:30 am to snag some absolutely great deals. The result is that I am almost completely finished with my Christmas shopping. Just need to pick up a few odds and ends, probably at the last minute! The only problem that I had was when I got to Kohls, which unfortunately for me happens to be my favorite store. Unfortunate, because once I finished shopping and went to check out, I waited in line for 1 hr. to finally get to the cashier! I don't think I would've had the stamina to stand there and wait if it hadn't been for my friend, Raquel, who I was shopping with, and who was waiting right along with the rest of us. The time seems to go by much quicker when you have a friend to chat with, Thanks Raquel! :) So did anyone else get out there for the early-bird specials?


Nancy said...

Well, this reader did not get out there yesterday. The dogs had an appointment at the vets to be spayed at 8:00 a.m. Mark was working, and I didn't feel up to braving the crowds with 4 kids in tow.

Deb said...

this reader didn't get up to go either. I really wanted to go right after work thanksgiving night and head for the outlets, they opened somewhere around 11:00pm. I decided not to go even then...i was very cozy in my own little world of HOME! :0)