Thursday, April 23, 2009

Really, Are you serious?

We have been having absolutely beautiful weather here in Nebraska. This morning was no exception, around 10:30am I shooed my children and the little boy I babysit, outside to play! I was just putting my shoes on to go outside to watch them when my neighbor rings my doorbell. She keeps to herself mostly and keeps her property very well kept, but to say that she is pushy and bossy would be quite the understatement. She proceeds to tell me that she is having concrete poured around her footer in hopes of stopping the basement leaking. Ok, seems like a good idea.

She tells me that the construction guys will be running the equipment on our property to dig out around her house. She literally only has 3 ft. of property outside her bedroom window, and then RIGHT THERE is our property line. I have no idea why someone would want to build a house so close to the property line, but oh well. I initially gave her permission to do this and then looked at the equipment and saw that it was a skid-steer. Which, essentially, SKIDS on the grass, tearing it up as it goes! For that reason, & for other reasons that shall remain nameless at this time, Tim & I decided that we would rather keep our yard intact. So, back I go to see if there is another way to go about this WITHOUT tearing a portion of our yard up.

Then, she drops the bomb. You see, last summer she had her son-in-law put up a fence. It's a nice, white, picket fence. The only thing is that is 1 ft. on our property. Tim and I both decided to let it slide, rather than cause problems. And we have, until now. Until today when she brings up the fact that the fence is on the property line. Me: "I'm sorry, ma'am, but it's a foot on our side of the property marker, don't you think you should've asked permission before installing a fence on our property?" She replies with, "Oh, I didn't put it up, my Son-in-law did!" Really? Are you serious? I'll have to admit, she caught me off guard there, for a moment I felt like I was reasoning with my 5 yr.old, not my 80 yr. old neighbor. I decided to let it slide as I just don't enjoy arguing, but found myself walking home, just shaking my head! As a friend would say, "People, People, People!"

Oh, yeah. What are the guys using instead of the skid steer? Shovels! They are digging most of it by hand. Now, guess who looks like the bad guy? It's so nice. *Sigh*


Anonymous said...

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm. Why do people have to be that way will never know. Is there such a thing as being oniest anymore.

Vonnie said...

hahahaha!! Sorry for your troubles!! Gotta love things like that. :)

CALISTA said...

Now, here in VA, if someone puts a fence on YOUR property (or maintains your property for a certain amount of years... is it 7? 14? Can't remember) then after that "common law" time period is up the property becomes THEIRS! Something you might want to check into - if Miss Bossy lives to be 100 (and that type usually does) she might have a bit more land to boast about if "her son-in-law" (hee hee!) doesn't move her fence before the time is up!

Lori said...

Good Point, Calista! Good point! :-)