Friday, June 26, 2009

Changes. . .

Our little yellow house, the one we have so lovingly remodeled, and put so much time into - is for sale. I'm sad, mostly because I love this house! It fits our family perfectly and we have loved putting our own personal stamp on it. But it seems as thought God has other plans for us right now. And those plans do not include Nebraska.

We have made the decision to move to North Carolina this summer. Tim will continue working with the same company, it's essentially just a job transfer. He will hold the same position as he does currently, along with several other plant managers, since the new plant is much larger.

We are happy with our decision, although at times it's hard to think about uprooting the family and starting all over again. We are looking for a house to rent, thankfully we have a great Realtor in NC, who is working really hard to find us a great place to live.

I'm happy that we'll be a lot closer to both of our families, at least within driving distance. And when Brianna heard that Disney World was only a 6 hr. drive she was really excited! I am so thankful that Brianna is so easy-going, she's taken the news in stride and hasn't seemed upset at all. That is, until she saw last year's snow boots in the "to-sell-box". When she asked why they were in there & my response was that we won't be needing them in NC, the water-works started! She then informed me, (between sobs) that snow is her favorite season! And she's right, she is one tough little girl, as long as she's bundled up & warm, she will stay out in the winter cold for hours! So, even though I utterly despise the cold & snow, I have a feeling this Mama might just be praying for a few snow flakes to fall in our neighborhood this winter!

And the 1st thing on the schedule after we get settled in?
I'm thinking that a subscription to Southern Living is totally in order!