Saturday, August 29, 2009

An explanation of sorts

I'm sure that the few people that read this blog have been wondering where in the world I've gone. Actually nowhere, which is becoming a slight problem as of late. I'll explain.

Our original moving date was August 15th. That day has come & gone & as of today we are still residents of Nebraska. I always like to be prepared so for the last few months have been listing things on Craigslist & scheduling cancellation of phone lines & DSL service. You see where I'm going with this, right? We no longer have a home phone, which isn't a problem at all since we use our cell phones most of the time anyway. It's the interruption of internet service that has caused more than it's fair share of problems. It's not really a huge problem, just an inconvience I suppose. You never really think about how much you rely on something until it's gone. So for the next month or so I won't be updating this blog very often, until we get settled in our new home.
We hope to be moved by October sometime, I certainly hope so since we have sold our bedroom furniture & I'm getting somewhat tired of living out of a suitcase! :-)

One of my Photo-of-the-day shots: Brianna's 1st grade cirruculum came in the mail! She is loving school, for the most part, & is enjoying having her own desk & hot pink desk chair!

This little dog has made life very interesting for us lately. After having a sever seizure this past Sunday morning as we were trying to get to church, she has been taken to the vet & has been diagnosed with epilepsy. She is now on meds for the duration of her lifetime. Never a dull moment around these parts!