Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mothers's Day

For the past 2 years we've taken our vacation to Disney World in Orlando, Fl. This always works out great since my parents live just 2 1/2 hrs. from Orlando, we're able to spend several days with them and let the kids get reacquainted with their grandparents. Brianna always has so much fun and loves spending time with "Grammy and Grandpa". Tyler, on the other hand, wasn't quite so sure about them. He is happy to observe and grin, from a distance!

I loved being able to be with my Mom on Mother's Day, I miss her so much, living so far away from my parents has been hard at time, especially since I've become a Mother myself. I so enjoy spending time together when we get a chance. Love you Mom, You're the best!

Below are some photos that we attempted, not much luck at perfect ones but who needs perfect? With 2 small children, perfect photos are just something to dream about! Give my the real life ones, they depict their little quirky personalities so much better!

My 2 little kiddos that call me 'Mama'


Vonnie said...

Very nice Mother's Day pictures!!

CALISTA said...

Hey! Love the pictures! The kids' matching outfits are so cute.. can't wait to see you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to have you all here~ we had tons of fun~the time just passed all too quickly. I'll never forget the airboat ride~ lots of happy memories! Thanks for the nice compliments~ but you are our wonderful daughter~ who we both treasure and a wonderful and beautiful mother to two adorable little children. We miss and love you all~ hope we get to see you in Aug. Love, Mom

Springer Family said...

How awesome you were with your mom on Mother's Day! The pictures are great! I'm learning there are not more 'perfect' pictures! =)

Taylors said... sweet. Glad you had a wonderful time!