Thursday, May 22, 2008

Waiting out the storm

I'm interrupting the barrage of vacation photos that I had planned to tell you about our evening.
What started out as an innocent little trip to the dealership to test drive a new Toyota Pries, turned out to be quite a little adventure! The weather had been stormy all day and no sooner had we taken our little test drive than the salesman said that 3 tornado's had been spotted not too far away! He told us to call him the next day with our decision and he locked up the shop. Everyone else had left, we knew the weather was getting bad, just didn't know how severe! Now, keep in mind, we are 1 hr. from home, the tornadoes are headed right along the road that we should take to get home, the sirens are blaring in town, we didn't know what to do! Tim's suggestion was to head to WalMart, since I wasn't overly fond of waiting out the tornadoes in who-knows-where along with the rest of the customers and employees, we called up a friend who's mother happened to live in the same town we were in. You must keep in mind that we did not know this woman, we had seen her a few times, but that was all. In true Nebraska-Neighborly-fashion, she welcomed us with open-arms. Turns out that she lives only a couple blocks from the dealership, we got there very quickly and after some brief introductions, headed down to her basement along with her neighbors that didn't have a basement either!Mrs. Forbes had water, chips, cookies and pretzels, we were well taken care of! We ended up staying about an hour, until the tornado watch had expired, then headed to Pizza Hut and finally to Walmart! Purchased my flowers and tomato plants, thanking God for great friends and His safety, glad to be home! :)


CALISTA said...

How scary! I think those sirens would be terribly unnerving. I'm sooo glad you had a place to go. Those mid-western people are just the best... often putting southerners to shame! =)