Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Anybody out there know?

As Brianna would say, "Mommy, I only have 1 question. My question is, . . . . I don't remember!"

Well, I do actually need some input from everybody out there. I'm wondering what the age requirement for a booster car seat is. Since Brianna just turned 5 I'm not sure if she really needs to be in the booster any more or not. I'm all for following the safety requirements, I've always been a little strict about stuff like this. But this one has me stumped, please give this Mom some advice! :)

Edited to add: Thanks everyone for your advice! I've been letting her ride without the booster seat just around our town but just today when we shopping out of town realized that she does still need the booster. She's just not tall enough for the seat belt to be in the right position without it. Again, thanks! :)


Springer Family said...

I think it depends on the laws of your state. Texas says they have to be 4 foot 9 inches tall to be out of one. I think PA is like 8 years old. Hope that helps. =)

Nancy said...

The law does vary by state so you have to find out what your state requires. Check out this website

Anonymous said...

What I have done is to call the State Highway Patrol in the states we were in, to find out their laws. That has always worked for me. Hope you all are doing well. I will try to give you a call soon. -Lea

CALISTA said...

Yep, it varies by state.. I can't even remember what VA is.. I think it's something totally crazy like 8 years old OR 80 lbs. I suppose Magnus will be 80 lbs quite a while before he's 8 years old though. hee hee!