Monday, June 30, 2008

She had her first looth tooth . .

I can't believe that my baby girl is getting big enough to be losing teeth! A week ago she started complaining a little bit about eating certain foods and brushing her teeth, that's when we discovered that both front teeth are loose! She was more than a little traumatized at the thought of loosing her teeth until she realized that new ones would grow in their place. I just snapped these photos this morning, wondering when in the world that tooth would come out and hoping that I wouldn't have to pull it.
Later this morning she came to me with the tooth in her hand saying that it just fell out into her mouth! Was I ever relieved! She spent quite a bit of time checking out her new appearance in the mirror!

The " New Look!"


CALISTA said...

Wow! What a monumental event! I remember how scary that used to be. Now I'm wishing I could find some of my old baby teeth to maybe double-dip from the tooth fairy! I would need a really rich fairy though! lol! Sure glad you called the other day, even though Magnus monopolized the whole conversation. I want to call you today, but first I have to do the not-so-fun stuff and go trim some horse hooves! Ugh!

Vonnie said...

Awww too cute!!

Sonya said...

Time sure does fly. I can't believe your little girl is so "big"!! I enjoy keeping up with the happenings in your life. Your kids are so cute!