Thursday, July 31, 2008


We've been practicing our ball-throwing abilities around here lately. We've been met with some successes and some failures, but the important thing is that we've kept trying. It certainly makes for some amusing moments when the dog catches the ball in her mouth and runs away from the owner. Amusing for me, not for the owner. No, she sees no humor in the fact that she now has to chase a little dog around that in theory shouldn't be able to run faster than her, but the little dog doesn't know that, so she runs circles around her owner. Finally I have to intervene before the tears start flowing, (from the owner, not the dog!) and just as quickly as the drama started, it has ended. The dog spits out the ball, the owner picks it up to bounce it off the sidewalk again, and oh great, the dog picks it up, starts running, and we start all over again! Yep, this has been my entertainment as of late, thats ok, I'm rather enjoying it. I realize that there will be a time when the last thing my kids will want to do is play ball in the backyard, they'll want to be off with their friends instead. And thats OK, I want to enjoy every stage of their lives, but for now I'm watching and coaching - ball-throwing.

The little man quickly grew tired of throwing the ball and resorted to tasting it instead. Hmmm... maybe I should go make supper!


CALISTA said...

Such a cute post! I can see the whole scene in my mind... I find it amusing too! I can't believe how tall Brianna is getting! I'm sure Tyler is too. They sure are changing fast!