Monday, July 7, 2008

Our 4th of July in pictures

We had a very low-key holiday around here this year, very relaxing and fun. The day before, on the 3rd, we enjoyed a BBQ with friends and then Tim and others set off their fireworks afterwards. Friday morning we took the kids to the parade and came home with too much candy! They had a great time picking up all the candy that was thrown, Brianna scored really well and we were even at the end of the parade route, we wondered if there would be any candy left by the time they got to us, we shouldn't have been worried!

'The truck went that way!' He loves big trucks and tractors!
Dirty little Dorito hands!
Later that evening, after our own cook-out, we went about 20 miles away to see fireworks. They were very pretty and the kids loved them. The 2 pictures below - I was experimenting with my camera in pitch darkness, without a tripod! I like to have these kinds of photos to scrapbook, family memories! :)


Vonnie said...

I really like that last picture of you and Brianna. So cute! Enjoyed ALL the pictures though.

CALISTA said...

Fun pictures! Tyler was so cute pointing at the truck - Magnus is the SAME way... he screams in his "own" language every time he sees a big truck, tractor or bulldozer. It's especially funny when we're riding along in the car and he's been totally quiet, and then he'll start yelling (very loudly!) if he sees something noteworthy with big tires.