Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas '08

It's hard to believe that a new year is already here. I'd like to say that all the Christmas Decor is down and put away, the house has received a thorough cleaning, the playroom has been purged of all old and unused toys, and the new toys have found their new homes. But lets be a little more realistic here. The Christmas tree is still up, only 1/2 of the decor is down, and Tim is bringing home some large boxes from work so that we can start the toy-purge!
I think we'll be tossing the artificial tree tonight after we remove all the ornaments and beaded-garland from it. It's not that it's old, I think we've had it for 6 yrs. now. It's just that every year when Tim gets it out of the box to put together, he has to spend several hours replacing burn-out lights. This year I think he worked on it for 5 hours! That just doesn't make much sense to me, so out it goes and next year we'll just get a real tree. It's been years since we've had a real tree, I'm sure that my children think that all Christmas trees come from large boxes from Target. Just like my daughter, when asked where milk comes from, answered, "From the milk jug, of course!" A country girl, she is not! :)

Speaking of the princess herself, look who left a plate of cookies for Santa!
And who exclaimed Christmas morning, "Wow, Santa was really hungry!"

Tyler really loved all the ornaments on the tree, he was constantly redecorating!
One of Tyler's favorite gifts, a tool bench and miniature Handy Manny toolsBrianna's favorite, the Tag Leapfrog Reading SystemThere were some major tickle fests!The best part of my Christmas - I am a blessed Mama!