Friday, January 16, 2009

Tuesday evenings

We have a Kid's Club of sorts at our church every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. It's called Awana, there are Bible stories told, Scriptures memorized, games to play and snacks to munch. The kids, ranging in ages from 4 yrs. to 12 yrs. really seem to enjoy this time together to sing and learn about God. I'm responsible for 5 great, rambunctious kids. I must admit, though, that this has been a stretching experience for me. Although I love kids and even do my share of babysitting during the week, I do not feel myself called into Child-Evangelism. Because of this, Tuesdays are often a hurried and stressful day. After saying goodbye to my last daycare child at 4pm, I often feel hurried and rushed to make supper, feed everyone, and get Brianna and I ready to head out the door to Awana. Needless to say, I often do not feel ready to continue to teach children, as I've been doing it all day with the 4 that are in my care.

It was a typical Tuesday a couple weeks ago. I was starting supper and realized that I was missing one key ingredient. I hurriedly put the kids in the car and ran to the grocery store. While in line, the little girl in front of me turned around and I saw that she was a regular at Awana and also in my class. Up to this point, I had been thinking about skipping Awana that night, it had been one of those days! But those thought flew out of my head as soon as she turned, with a huge smile and said, "I have been studying my verses and I'm ready to say them to you tonight!" She is such a good little girl and always does so well, that I just couldn't disappoint her, I was at my class, ready for action that night.

It finally came time for her to say her scripture that she had worked so hard on. She proudly started reciting, "Romance 3:23, For all have sinned and fallen out of shorts of the glory of God. " After trying to conceal my laughter, (I don't know if I was entirely successful!) I realized that a call to Child-Evangelism or not, these kids are in need of guidance and why shouldn't I take an hour-and-a half out of my time to help them? I have my answer.


Lynn H said...

Good thoughts, Lori! That romance bit made me laugh:)