Monday, September 24, 2007

A close call!

For a while now, Brianna and I have had a long-standing little private joke between the two of us. This is how the conversation would go when she would tell me a joke.
Me: That's hilarious!
Brianna: Don't say hilarious Mommy, it annoys me! If you say hilarious again I will turn you into a frog! (It's very important to inject here that she is currently in a princess stage and has a magic wand she often uses to turn her little brother into a prince or whatever else she deems necessary that day!)
Me: Oh, don't turn me into a frog, then I won't be able to cook breakfast for you or drive you to school!

This continued for several weeks then it started to seem that she was really thinking about me being a frog and the consequences of it. A new conversation began:
Me: That joke was hilarious!
Brianna: You can say hilarious now, Mommy. You know what the best part is?
Me: What?
Brianna: I'm not going to turn you into a frog so that you can drive me to school tomorrow! :)


CALISTA said...

That's hilarious!! (yeah, I couldn't resist) She must totally love school to put away her magic wand!
Also, would you like to be tagged? If so... you're it. =) I'll see if you put anything on YOUR list that I didn't already know. =D

Springer Family said...

Glad she likes school so much - maybe in a few years, she'll be changing her mind and again hope she has the 'magic wand' to turn you back to a frog! LOL

mama2ryleigh said...

That's so funny! Sounds like she's quite a character.

I tagged you on my blog, but it looks like someone else got to you before I did. Does that mean you have to name 14 random things?! J/K!

Vonnie said...

That is so cute. I love the things kids say.