Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What a fun weekend!

We went to Lincoln State Fair this past weekend. We have really made our rounds at the fairs around here this year, we kinda live out in the sticks so we try to take advantage of what there is to do as a family and try to have fun at it! We stayed overnight there and did some shopping and just some extra running around too. We took Brianna to Chucky Cheeses, she had so much fun and I'm pretty sure Tim had just as much fun! I got some really cute pics but unfortunately won't be able to post them until we get our computer back. It had to be shipped back to get the hard-drive fixed, I think it's fried! :(
My washer's switch went out last week so I've been making several treks to and from the laundromat, not fun! We checked out the washers and dryers at Sears, they are so nice and also very expensive, really unnecessarily so. I guess they know they have you over a barrel, it's something you HAVE to have! I think we're going to just bite the bullet and buy a new washer AND dryer, I'm afraid if I just get the washer then by the time the dryer dies the matching model won't be available any more! Soooo, I think I'll be making a call to Sears tomorrow, I don't think the store near us has them in stock so they'll have to be ordered. That means several more trips to the laundromat, it makes me realize how much we take for granted things like that!


Springer Family said...

I'm glad you got to get away -- we did too this weekend! It was so nice & we both felt better when we got home! Sorry about all your troubles. Hope everything works out!

Vonnie said...

You're right, we do take things like Washers and Dryers for granted. I hope you can get new ones. They are so nice to have!!

CALISTA said...

Ahh, yes... those treasured machines! I know they're expensive, but to me they're almost priceless! Hee hee! I saw a red front-loading pair at Home Depot and nearly coveted... until I saw that to buy the set would be about $5000. Then I remembered that none of our cars even cost that much! (Just don't look at our!)

Martha C said...

Ugh! Laundromats! Yes, we had to buy a washer when we moved here, and it is one of the first things Troy did. I even asked Troy to choose it. I was afraid I would fall in love with one that had lots of "frills." My only request was extra large capacity! :-)