Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Well, here I am again, blogging from the library! This is not my idea of fun at all, trying to post while holding a very wiggly little boy on my lap! Brianna is great though, looking at books are one of her favorite things to do. I love that we have that in common, give us a good book and we are set for a while!

This Saturday is the much anticipated Eager Beaver Day!:) We live in such a small town that something can be made from anything. I imagine that the name of the days came from the town name, either way it has a certain 'corny' sound to it! Tim is planning on driving the little red truck in the parade while Brianna throws candy out the passenger window! She is really excited about the candy, not sure who will get the most, her or the kids on the side of the street! Tim was surprised that I didn't want to ride with them but when I told him that I wanted to get pictures I think he understood! That afternoon is the annual softball game against a neighboring town, they've been practicing enough that they should be pretty good by now! Wish them luck!

It will be probably be another week or so before we get our computer back, I really miss keeping everybody, until next time!


Martha C said...

Ahhhhh. . .I miss those small town things! :-)

Vonnie said...

Glad to hear of your goings on. The parade sounds fun.