Thursday, August 30, 2007

Can't believe its been so long!

Oh, what a last couple of weeks it been! I think I would be here all night if I were to completely catch up with everything that's been happening around here. Don't worry, I'll just hit the highlights!
My parents were able to stay for a week visiting with us, we had so much fun together! Brianna of course remembered my parents but Tyler was a bit hesitant at first. It didn't take him long though and he was in my Dad's lap listening to stories or being sung to. Yes, although my Dad doesn't sing in public, he does sing to his grandchildren and he also plays his "trumpet", a sound that has been entertaining kids for years! Mom and Brianna had a lot of fun too, writing on the sidewalk making "treasure maps" and cooking together in the kitchen. One morning while Tyler and I slept in, Brianna was in the kitchen with Mom making her own little concoction. She wanted to make me a birthday cake and had water, milk, bits of cheese, and little pieces of a tortilla torn up in a bowl and was trying her best to get a cake made! Needless to say, while she went to the grocery store with Mom, I quickly got rid of her "cake" and she was none the wiser when she got back! I have so many pictures to post but our computer is down, yes AGAIN, so they will have to wait for a later post! Thanks Mom and Dad for coming to visit and for making my birthday so special! The blizzard ice cream cake was great!


Springer Family said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time!!! BTW - Happy Birthday!

sankey family said...

I'm so glad you had a fun time with your parents..can't wait to see the pics!


CALISTA said...

I remember Uncle John's trumpet!! Talk about being "wowed" as a kid - he was the coolest uncle ever! It must've been so nice to spend the week with them. Hope you had a happy birthday! Are we old yet??

~Heather~ said...

Enjoyed catching up on your blog! Your Flag cake you made was really nice. The dessert recipe you posted looks yummy, I'll have to try it! =)

I'm sooo glad that your parents got to come to visit y'all, how fun!

Love, Heather=)

Vonnie said...

Sounds like fun!! Brianna's cake sounds "interesting". :)

Martha C said...

Happy to read of your fun visit. I would love to hear your dad's "trumpet." :-)