Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nothing Much

OK, I know I really shouldn't be on this computer right now, I should be putting the 3 loads of laundry away that I did yesterday and are still sitting on the dining room table, SHHHHH, don't tell anyone! Or, I should be washing the rest of the laundry that didn't get done yesterday, or should be giving my house a good cleaning! It really seems like there is always something to do, like I just never get completely caught up. I know this is normal with 2 small children but knowing it doesn't make it any less frustrating at times! Never mind me, just my time to vent a little bit! :)

On the bright side we are so excited that my parents are going to be here next week! Brianna is really looking forward to them coming. She got a prize the other day while we were shopping, for being a very good girl. She's been asking for sidewalk chalk for a while so I used that as an incentive to be good and it worked! I don't do this much because I feel that my children should be good just because that's how we have taught them, but neither do I think it hurts to have something to look forward to. Anyway, she is really looking forward to drawing pictures with her new chalk with Grammy! I'm sure Tyler is looking forward to seeing Grandpa and Grammy too, he is just too busy napping at the moment to care!


sankey family said...

That is so exciting that your parents are coming to visit - have fun!


Springer Family said...

I totally understand about keeping the house caught up!! Have tons of fun with your parents!

CALISTA said...

Oh! Thanks for the reminder! I have clothes in the washer that need to go in the dryer! I hate it when I forget that I started a load & they sit in there & get sour... not a very good Susie-Homemaker! I'd rather be mowing the lawn anyway, but I can't do that anymore unless Joe's home to babysit (which he loves, because he gets to be with Magnus AND get out of doing lawn work!).

Martha C said...

That's great that your parents are coming. Tell them I said, "Hi" and think of them often. :-)