Sunday, August 5, 2007

Computer problems fixed!

Wow, I certainly had my doubts that I would be posting this soon, but Best Buy managed to get our CPU fixed yesterday, I fell connected to everybody again! So happy! My dad sent me this and I just had to share it.

Property Laws of a Toddler

1. If I like it, its mine.
2. If it's in my hand, its mine.
3. If I can take it from you, its mine.
4. If I had it a little while ago, its mine.
5. If its mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way.
6. If I'm doing or building something, all the pieces are mine.
7. If it looks just like mine, its mine.
8. If I saw it first, its mine.
9. If you are playing with something, and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine.
10. If its broken, its yours.


Monte & Amy said...

lol that is so true, sounds like my little children.
I know you don't know me but I am Calista cousin in law

Vonnie said...

Good one! That is so true. (Tim's cousin, Vonnie)

sankey family said...

That's great..and yes, those laws are sad but true!


Martha C said...

How funny! The "fun" part is to "untrain" these laws, huh?! :-)

~Heather~ said...

That is cute, and so true. And like Martha said, "It's our fun job to untrain them the opposite way....Jesus, then Others, then YOU...what a wonderful way to spell JOY! =D

Sooooo glad that you tried the rolls and the turned out good for you! We love them!

Glad your computer is fixed! YEA!

Have a great night,
Love, Heather =)