Saturday, August 11, 2007

This and That

Tyler had his 9 month check up yesterday. He is such a happy baby, nothing really fazes him at all. Thankfully he didn't have to get any shots, just a routine check. He weighs 20 lbs. and is 29 1/2 inches long, where did my little baby go? :( He was hamming it up for me sitting on the exam table, he loved sitting on the paper and kicking his legs really fast to make quite a racket! Tyler also had his first blood test, nothing major, just a finger prick to test his hemoglobin which came back fine. We were in and out of the office pretty quickly, love Dr.'s and offices like that!

We also went to a Demolition Derby last night that a friend of Tim's was competing in. Afterwards Brianna was allowed to choose which ride she wanted to ride. She probably would've been allowed to ride more but she had some obedience issues earlier that day so was limited to just one! She certainly enjoyed the little cars that went around in a big circle. They reminded me of an antique little car that my brother used to have, they were cute.


Anonymous said...

He's changed so much since we last saw you all in May and I can't believe that he's 9 months already! I'm so anxious about our upcoming visit~ I'm going to spoil them all I can in that weeks time, the good kind of spoilin that only Grammy can give!!
Love, Mom

Springer Family said...

That's great the dr's visit went so fast! I HATE long Dr's. visits! Brianna looks like she had a wonderful time! :-)

Vonnie said...

Cute pics!! Tyler looks like a very happy baby!

Calista (Costello) said...

Tyler's so cute! Can you believe that he & Magnus are the same size?? Magnadoodle weighs 22 lbs & is 29 inches tall. And you wonder where YOUR baby's gone!! Ours isn't 6 mo. old yet & has to wear a lot of 12 mo. sized clothes! I wish he would slow down!!! It's just not fair!