Thursday, August 2, 2007

Computer failure! :(

Well, it's bound to happen one time or another. This happened to be my time, I guess. The hard-drive on our computer is really messed up, it's not responding at all. (Can you hear me sobbing as I write this?) I'm totally going through withdrawals without my computer and it's only been 1 day! Just so everybody doesn't think I've dropped off the face of the earth I came down to library to post today, I know, I was really desperate! We're planning on taking the CPU back to Best Buy where we bought it Sat, hopefully they'll be able to fix it that day, if they don't I guess I'll get lots of extra housecleaning done in the time when I would have been blogging!
I 'll defintely be keeping busy tomorrow. A friend offered Tim all the sweet corn that we want, right now we have about 10 dozen or so sitting in the garage waiting to be husked, cooked and put into freezer bags, I don't think I'll be sitting around wondering what to do!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who comments on my blog, it's so great to meet new friends this way and stay in touch like this!


Anonymous said...

Boy that stinks! Our 2 computers are both having trouble (can we say, "not working"?) with their DVD players, so we haven't been able to watch an I Love Lucy or Andy Griffith in ages! =( Calista

Springer Family said...

Hope you get it fixed soon! I know what is like to not have a working computer - especailly the internet!