Saturday, March 8, 2008


Well, the kids are napping, and the laundry is actually completely caught up, what else is there to do besides blog? :) We are actually really busy today, we have began the moving process! I'll have to admit, I had my doubts whether or not this day would get here, but here we are, in the middle of a move once again. I have a love-hate relationship with moving. As a child we lived in so many places that I'm certainly accustomed to it but there are so many things about the process that I don't like. One, it's just so much work! I know that was very obvious but I feel it needed to be said, especially since I have been doing so much of it lately!

The one thing I do love about moving is the reorganizing that I can do, something that I'm really loving. It gives me a wonderful feeling that if I need something, I can go directly to the spot and get it, not spend an hour trying to find it. I'm so looking forward to getting the new house just the way I want it, I'm sure I will be way too slow getting it done, but so happy when it's finished.

Well, I must go and get a few more things packed and ready to take over to the house. When Brianna and Tyler wake up from their Much-Needed nap we are heading back over to work some more. I've been thoroughly cleaning the kitchen, there are lots of cabinets for which I'm VERY thankful, but they certainly take a while to clean!

P.S. To all of my Cookie-Dough-Loving friends out there: Yes, I've had my self-allotted ONE piece for the day! I must remain strong! :)


Taylors said...

I totally understand the "love-hate" relationship with moving... The organization is my favorite part of it...and I actually LOVE getting rid of things we haven't used in a while. ~ I hope that the process goes smoothly for you. Please post pictures of your progress...can't wait to see it!

Have a great day!

Martha C said...

As one guy said, "Moving is part of the curse. Adam and Eve sinned and had to move out of the Garden." :-)
As for the dough, you are much stronger than I would be!

Springer Family said...

When you get settled ~ make sure you post pictures of all your hard work!! =) I would have eaten TONS of cookies!! =) LOL Thanks for the meal ideas ~ I'm gonna try & make at least 2 of them next week. =) I have been getting bored with making the same stuff lately!

Anonymous said...

Lori--don't you dare forget to take pics!!!

Thanks for more meal ideas, too.