Friday, March 14, 2008

Still Moving . . . .

Yes, my dear readers, we are still trying to move all our belongings to our little yellow house. It's been quite a slow process but I'm trying to get things put away as we go. The playroom hasn't fared very well but I'm waiting until I get to Target to buy a couple storage systems. This playroom is slightly smaller that the old one, since we can't spread out so much, we must go up, as in stacking storage. I plan to have a yard sale this spring and am going to sell some toys, there are some things that the kids just don't play with, there's no sense in keeping things around to clutter up the area.

The plan is to move the rest of the large items,(couch, treadmill,lg. dressers, and bookcase) tonight so that all that is left are the beds. We will sleep here tonight and then move beds tomorrow. It's going as well as possible although I could use some prayer for continued sanity! It's turned out to be a lot more challenging than I ever imagined, moving with 2 kids. The stress level is at an all-time high right now, and I discovered something else about myself this week! When I'm stressed, I eat chocolate, not a good combination!

I probably won't be posting again until next week as our phone/internet service won't be turned on until Monday. Have a great weekend everybody! :)
Now, where did I put the rest of that chocolate?


Myranda said...

I love, love to move and have many times it seems. However, it is a ton of work and you will be in my thoughts.

We have been in three different houses since all three kids have been born. CERTAINLY makes things a little more hectic with children - as you mentioned!

Springer Family said...

Stress & Chocolate go hand in hand it seems...LOL!! Its a good reward though. We'll be thinking about you this weekend!

Vonnie said...

hahaha Glad you're getting moved. Don't get too stressed!:)

Anonymous said...

Lori! It's looking so good! I'm very jealous of all those cupboards.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I think that the prayers and communication from all our friends has played a major role in how blessed and even joyful we feel right now.

Take care, and happy moving!