Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quips & Quotes

Brianna has been coming up with the funniest thing lately. So for my sake, and the Grandparents', I thought I'd write a few things down.

- Last week we were taking a walk & I was pushing Tyler in the stroller while she walked beside me. Tyler loves me to give the stroller a good, hard push, & then run to catch up with him. Well, one particular time I gave the push & he headed into the curb. Brianna hollered, "Quick, Mama, get your brother!" The mother-son relationship is still a little fuzzy in this household!

- It was snack time & Brianna was eating some grapes sitting on the living room floor. All of a sudden, she looks up and asks, "Can I sit on this grape?" I'm ever so glad that she gave me the opportunity to say no, since I'm not overly fond of scraping food off of our hardwood floors. She's considerate, if nothing else!

- We finished up with Kindergarten last week & instead of a party we asked her if she would like to take a little weekend trip to the zoo and Children's Museum. (We live 3 hrs. away from these places so it ends up taking an entire weekend to fit everything in.) She loves the museum so that was a definite yes, & the Zoo sounded good too. Then she asked if we would be staying at a Hotel. I told her yes & that I would try to find one with a pool so the kids could go swimming. The word 'pool' just sends her into total excitement. So, ever since then, she has been telling people, "We're going to a pool with a Hotel!" I'm sure the goggles will come in handy, everyone in Hobby Lobby thought they were great, since she INSISTED on wearing them the whole time!


CALISTA said...

Funny girl! Love the goggles pic too. They are pretty cute. =)