Thursday, December 6, 2007

Brianna's Preschool Christmas Program

Oh, what an evening! Last night was the Christmas Program at the Baptist Church where Brianna attends preschool. The teachers told us to be there a little early so we arrived at 6:45pm for the program that started at 7:00pm. This being our first Christmas program we didn't releize how early people got there, all the good seats were already taken! Note to self: Arrive 30 minutes early next time! We ended up getting an ok seat but not the greatest for pictures, so I ended up standing in the back along with a lot of other parents to get some pictures.
Waiting for the program to start . . .

Receiving some last minute instructions

Let the songs (and hand motions), begin! Excuse the dark pictures, dim lighting looks great for programs, but my camera didn't cooperate too well with it.If you notice the shaking of the camera, it's because I was trying not to laugh, but didn't really succeed, she was so intent on ringing that bell and just sure that the little boys beside her should be having just as much fun as she was having! No stage fright for Brianna, no way, she doesn't even know the meaning of it!

She was the 'Donkey ' and the song they sang was 'The Friendly Beasts'. The kids sang the verses in groups of 2 or 3, I was so upset that I didn't capture the first couple words, I though the whole group was going to sing a verse first and then Brianna but instead she was first

Celebrating the birth of Jesus with a birthday cake and a chorus of 'Happy Birthday, Jesus'!
Just some snapshots at home after the program, notice the red Kool-Aid mustache!
Our Christmas tree


Taylors said...

Brianna looked adorable! Your tree is soo pretty! Hope you are having a good day.

CALISTA said...

This story with the cute pictures really made my day! I could just see those kids... =) I love the picture of Brianna and her Kool-aid lipstick! Your tree is really pretty too!

Vonnie said...

Very nice! Pretty tree!