Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A busy week

Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE the holidays? I love the busyness and hustle and bustle of it all, not something that everyone likes, but count me in on it all! I am finally finished with all the decorating, all that I am going to do anyway. It seems like every year I decorate and decorate and then there comes a point that I'm just too tired to finish those last few things and the rest gets put back in the tote that it came out of. I look at it this way, its that much less that I have to take down after the holidays!

This week Brianna has 3 days of school instead of the normal 2, they've added an extra day for some extra Christmas program practice. According to the teacher today the kids really need the extra practice! That just doesn't sound very good considering it's the day before the program, does it? :o) So, after Brianna gets up from her nap today we're going to be practicing the songs they have to sing. She and another little girl have their own verse to sing as a duet, Brianna knows and sings that very well but I'm not sure how well she knows the other songs. I think I might stay at the school tomorrow to help out with the practice, maybe it won't take up the entire 2 hours and we can come home early. Wed. evening is the Preschool Christmas Program, I already promised Brianna that if she did a good job and stood very still (she's quite the wiggle-worm sometimes) that she could open a Christmas present early, she reminded me of that today and is very excited about it!

Our Church has revival going on this week, I didn't remember it being this close to Christmas last year, but we'll try to make it to the services as often as we can.

Our good friends, the Forbes, have an Open House Christmas Party every year and that is always a lot of fun. The party is Friday night and I have quite a few things to do before that, but I'm not complaining, didn't I say that I love this time of year? :)


CALISTA said...

Sounds like you're booked up for this week, anyway! We finally got our family photo for the cards taken today, so we're making progress! Now to buy some gifts for everyone! Sometimes I wish I were half as organized as you! But, I manage in my own little way, and though I don't get much done, I have fun in the meantime! =)

Martha C said...

Don't you just love little kids' Christmas programs?! :-) That is - as long as I do not have to direct them. There are always so many funny things that happen.