Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shopping and Santa

This is extremely rare for me, I'm actually blogging before my children wake up, (and maybe before I actually wake up, I think I've misspelled almost every word I've typed! Mornings are NOT my strong point) Ok, well maybe Brianna is up, she is so sweet, she tiptoes around the house until she can peek in my bedroom and see if I'm awake, obviously she hasn't been in here yet! And Tyler, he's such a sweetheart too, he never makes a peep either, he just waits upstairs in his crib until I go and get him up! Well, enough about our mornings, how are yours going?

This past Saturday morning we woke up to several more inches of snow and some freezing rain, but did we let that keep us home from Christmas shopping? Absolutely not! :) Tim was nice enough to drive us and we all went to town, AFTER he had his morning of Pheasant Hunting, of course! I'm happy to say that except for just a few small things I am done with the shopping! I was really happy with the gifts I found on Sat, now to just get those Christmas cards sent out, I'm a little late this year. I plan to get them done this morning so that Tim can mail them on his way back from his lunch break.

A funny thing that happened on Saturday: We were leaving the mall and instead of turning right to go to Wal-Mart, Tim accidentally turned left, I told him that he had gone the wrong way and then we heard and "Uh-Oh" from Tyler in the backseat! That happens to be be his favorite word at the moment, and it just so happened that it was perfect timing for it!

One other thing we had planned for the day was to visit Santa and get a picture. Now up to this point I have never had a bad Santa picture, even when Brianna was 6 mo. old she loved him. This year the spell was broken and we now have a horrible Santa picture, none the less, it will be scrapbooked, after all, they are still memories! I know most of you are wondering why the dead, mounted , animals in the background, well, Santa happened to be at Cabela's and the pictures were free! For all you Moms out there that have paid $10, and sometimes $15 for a Santa picture, you know that this was a pretty good deal! Even though the 2nd one is horrible , at least 'Mrs. Claus' captured the animals' antlers, unlike the one below where all you see is this giant rump! What did I just say about memories? :)


Vonnie said...

So cute... rump and all!! :)

Taylors said...

That's hilarious!! I think they are still very cute pictures! We haven't made it to see Santa yet. I really want to take Megan, but we just haven't had the time yet. Enjoy your day!

Springer Family said...

Hey - your posts have been great lately. I just havn't had much time to leave comments. :-)