Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Part I

Posing this morning with their new stuffed animals from Grandpa and Grammy, thanks a bunch! :)

We had a wonderful Christmas Day, it started out with everyone sleeping in until 8:30am, so nice! Even then Brianna was just peeking into our bedroom to see if we were awake, of course we were but were just waiting for the kids to wake up. I had been sooooo sick Christmas Eve,(just a touch of the flu, I think) and was still a little woozy the next morning, so instead of the nice Christmas breakfast I had planned we just skipped eating entirely and went straight for the presents! :) I don't think anybody minded and we all had fun opening gifts.

Opening the puppy from Grandpa and Grammy
Christmas Eve, a game that she wanted for a looong time, from Poppie and Mem-maw
Christmas morning, getting right into the middle of it!

"How do these work, Dad?""Ok, I get it, I can really do some damage with this one!"

Drum set, am I a little crazy for buying this one? :)
I have MANY more pictures and a few cute videos to upload but those will have to wait for another day, I need to go try to organize the chaos that was once my neat and tidy living room!


CALISTA said...

Hope you're all better now! First a cold, and then the flu?? And at Christmas? Not fun!! I love pictures of kids opening presents - brings back so many good memories!

Nancy said...

I came across your blog through a link on Calista's blog. Brianna is sure growing, and I see you have an addition. Congratulations! (a bit late) Hope you have a wonderful New Year!