Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eager Beaver Days 2008

First, an update on Tyler. Well, there's not really much to update on. He's certainly not any better but not really any worse either. He continues to run a fever and the occasionally really messy diaper, if you know what I mean. He doesn't have an appetite at all either, which is a big difference for him, he is a big eater and snacker. Yesterday all that he ate was one of those squeezable yogurts and a few chips. Very unlike him. I think we're going to ride it out one more day and see if he improves any today, if not, I'll take him in the morning to see his Doctor. Thanks for praying!

On to our little town's celebration - the Eager Beaver Days. There is always a nice parade and the kids always gather lots of candy. This was the day that Tyler got sick so he just stayed close to Tim, he wasn't really interested in gathering candy.

Our church's little 'Awana' float. Awana is like a kids Bible club that we have every week for the church and community children. This was the first float Brianna has rode on and she loved it.

Brianna's turtle that she entered in the Big Turtle Race. Tim just picked it up off the road on night out in the country and she tried to paint it's shell pink with some nail polish. Didn't get a whole lot on their, she had a hard time getting it to hold still, it loved to get up and go.

Get ready, set, Go!

My crew with the their prizes. Brianna's turtle came in 3rd, and her prize was a candy bar and a powerade. Tyler's turtle didn't place but he got a candy bar anyway! :)


CALISTA said...

I was really disappointed to hear that Tyler isn't feeling better yet! =( That sounds like quite a sickness he's had... hope it's nothing serious. The parade looked fun - I'm sure those trucks helped Tyler forget his troubles somewhat, and I know Brianna had a ball! Wish you guys could come go to the fair with us next week!

Vonnie said...

So cute! Wish Tyler was a whole lot better! We'll keep praying for him!