Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our weekend

And oh, what a weekend it was. Can you believe that even though I took my camera, I didn't take a single picture? Somehow, Tyler, managed to come down with the stomach flu Friday night before we left and has since so generously passed it on to his big sister. We experienced things in the last few days that we hope to never have to live through again. Between multiple outfit changes for both Tyler and I, stained flip-flops, and car seats that have seen better days, there just weren't many photo opportunities this weekend! I think it's fair to say that our new car has probably lost it's 'new car smell' and has a new smell all it's own! Thank God for air fresheners!

As of this morning, Tyler seems great, he still isn't eating well at all, but is drinking fluids great so thats a plus. Brianna and I were up a lot last night, her stomach is just not settling down at all. I awoke last night to her breathing somewhere in our room. Our bedroom is pitch dark so I couldn't see her at all so I just called out her name to find out where she was. She answered and she was standing right beside me, talk about scaring someone to death! Her stomach was sick again and that ended up leading to a 2 am bath, a bedside trashcan, and wanting a Mommy-roommate. Thankfully we all managed to sleep in this morning a little bit and we've rescheduled our first day of school for tomorrow!


Lisa said...

So sorry your kidos are sick...hope school gets well under way for you all soon! :)

Thanks for your comment...let me know how your "organic" buying comes along. And as for Logan's desk, I ran in a thrift store one day and there it was, kinda tucked away under the clothes I looked at it and it looked like a go. It only cost $15bucks and was in great condition. They can be very expensive...but look around in thrifts never know what you'll find!

Vonnie said...

Thank the Lord us mommies are immune to most of these bugs!!

CALISTA said...

Wow, those poor kids. As for me, I'm not one of those immune mommies, but I sure hope you are!! Guess you'll have to try again next year for that "happy" birthday get-away. =/