Thursday, January 17, 2008

Little Bookworm

I find it so interesting how different and sometimes how alike my children can be. Up until just a month or so ago, Tyler really was very much like his sister, not so much anymore! He has started 'hollering' at you, not really yelling, but definitely trying to talk and get his point across! He has completely stopped saying all the words that he picked up several months ago and is now jabbering in his own language, it's so cute! He is very persistent, very much unlike his sister. Last night he was trying to sit in his chair, it tipped and he fell out and hit his head. After some cuddling from Mommy he went right back over to his chair and tried again, this time successfully! One thing that I love about both of the kids is their love of reading and books. Tyler has recently started picking up books and pulling them off of the bookshelf to look at. Below are some photos I snapped of him the other day during a deep study session! :-)


Springer Family said...

I love it when kids like books!! Its the greatest thing in the world! Too cute of pictures! What would the world be like if all kids were the same...I'm glad they are not!! (Its nice to have different ones in the same house too!)

CALISTA said...

Those are cute pictures! Magnus loves his books too, but he likes to try to eat them more than I would prefer, so they all look awful! Loved the house pictures! It's so cute. I love yellow houses. =)

Vonnie said...

So cute!!