Monday, January 21, 2008

A minor mishap,

that could have been a lot worse. Thank God that it wasn't. I knew that this day would come, when you live in a 2-story house with small children it seems like they are bound to fall down the stairs one time or another! Up until today Tyler has NEVER attempted to go down the stairs, we don't even have a gate at the bottom to keep him from climbing UP the stairs, he just doesn't ever attempt them. Until today . . . the kids and I were upstairs and Brianna went downstairs and Tyler must have decided that today was the day that he was going to conquer those stairs! Needless to say, I heard this slow thumping sound ALL the way down, thank goodness for carpeted stairs. He doesn't seem any worse for the wear other than the 2 carpet burns on his forehead, he even tried to maneuver the stairs again but I got him before he stepped off the second step. That must have been where it all went south the first time, little stinker! :) I think I have a more adventurous child on my hands this time, definitely all boy!

My little man, a little banged up!

Still happy!
(Please excuse the pretzel stains on the shirt, this was toward the end of the day and he had already had a couple outfit changes today! Who knew that pretzels could produce 'juice' ? :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like Tyler is wearing his battle scars proudly!

Love, Dad

Springer Family said...

Poor little guy. I'm glad he's ok!!

CALISTA said...

Magnus has been in love with the stairs for a while now, so we have a gate at the bottom (the rooms upstairs are just extras, so that's handy!). He and Joe have recently been climbing the stairs together though, and Joe was proud to announce that Magnus can climb them in 2 minutes flat - with stops to look around and all! My poor heart just shudders... Thank God that Tyler didn't get hurt. If it had been Magnus his head probably would've fallen off before he hit the bottom!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lori! I just love finding people I know out it blogosphere. So much fun to catch up with you through your posts. Your children are adorable.

Pam Asbury

Vonnie said...

Awwww, poor thing! Boys are the greatest for going right back and trying to conquer the thing that just "got" them.