Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Cowboy Angel

In order to explain the above title I'll need to give a little background. Monday night a severe snowstorm moved in and we woke up to school cancellations and severe fog and low visibility. Tim had left that morning at 6:00am to go to Grand Island,(2 hrs. away) for an all-day management class and we had decided that I would meet him there later that day to shop for our Kitchen appliances. Apparently the weather turned for the worse after he got to his destination because by the time I started out at 10:30 am, the roads were not good at all. All the while I kept driving because, the opptimist that I am, figured that the main roads would be better than the country roads that we live on. About 20 miles down the road, just out of a small town, I noticed a truck following me. I was going rather slow and figured that he would pass me just like the semi-truck that passed several miles back. Fast forward, 20 miles or so, and he is still behind me. We came to a lg. town and I pulled into the gas station to get gas, he pulls in right behind me! He came up to my window and says, "Ma'am, did you know that you've been driving on a flat tire for the last 20 miles or so?" That is absolutely the last thing I want to hear when Tim isn't with me and I have two small children! It happened to be the back left tire and even though it didn't make enough noise to alert me, I must have been so consentrated on driving that I failed to notice anything unusual. This was my Cowboy Angel, he was on his way to feed the cows and had noticed my flat tire and purposely followed me to change it for me! I'll have to admit, I almost started crying right there, I was so thankful that, 1.) The tire didn't cause me to lose control of the vehicle, 2.) That this wonderful person was there just at the right time to help me. He changed the tire for me and after offering to pay him, he refused. He stated," No, you don't owe me anything, I just wanted to help you."

So, that's the story of my Cowboy Angel, I will never forget his kindness and his generosity and I will be eternally grateful for God's hand upon my car that day.


Anonymous said...

I just read the account of your "Cowboy Angel" and I ,too, felt like crying~ that someone was willing to show you such kindness and that you all are safe!
Love, Mom

sankey family said...

I love it - that's an awesome story. Thank the Lord for His protection and your own personal angel/mechanic!

Vonnie said...

That is so neat! Glad for the Lord's protection for you and the kids!!

Martha C said...

I miss those Western gentlemen and the neighborly feeling out there.

CALISTA said...

Wow, this even brought tears to MY eyes! Believe me, the people around Richmond aren't like that at all! A lot of the Kansas people are sweet and friendly like that too - I've noticed it every time I've been out there.