Friday, February 1, 2008


As I have previously mentioned, we are in the middle of remodeling our house and hopefully moving in pretty soon. This transition period has proved to be more that a little challenging for us, we are SO ready to move and get organized in the new house but we've had several setbacks. This week the heat was finally installed so that we can begin working tomorrow in the house, thank goodness. There are new light fixtures to be installed and ceilings and walls to be painted, anyone that is free to do a little work tomorrow, just let me know! :)

I haven't scrapped-booked in such a long time, I keep telling myself that once we get moved I'll get started again. But everybody knows that moving can be a very long, drawn-out process. This week I decided to just get some photos out and get some pages done. I'll have to admit that I was inspired by ordering 200+ photos from and relizing that I have so many old photos to scrapbook, I was feeling a little bit overwelmed!I'm trying not to procrastinate so much lately so I've set a new goal for myself. Every Monday I'm setting aside several hours to scrapbook. This past Monday I did 10 pages, I think that was a new record for me, I tend to be a rather slow scrapper, although I'm getting faster as I go. Monday is a good day for me as I don't usually cook supper that day, I always cook a large Sunday dinner so the leftovers are eaten on Monday! And yes, I kinda let the house go for a day, but I've learned that if we ignore the housework for a couple hours, it will all still be there, waiting for us when we're ready to tackle it again!
Below are a few pages that I put together:


Myranda said...

Great idea setting some scrapping time aside for yourself. Enjoy it and keep up the great work - looks wonderful!

Vonnie said...

Those are really nice scrapbook pages!

Beth Stetler said...

Your pages look great. I love to scrapbook.

CALISTA said...

Those are cute pages you made! Joe asked me the other day, "Are you ever going to scrapbook again?" I have totally given up on it I think, although I do love it. I have to many interests I think! I want to spend time with my "guys", practice my guitar, paint, train my horse, fly r/c things with Joe, scrapbook, keep my house, car and yard clean AND make a yummy supper! It's so hard to prioritize! I'm not sure I ever get ANY of the above fully accomplished... any tips?? =)