Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tyler's 15 month update

Tyler had a regular well-baby check-up yesterday. I can't believe that he is 15 mo. already, before I know it he'll be off to preschool, no, I don't even want to think about it!He now weighs 25 lbs. and is 33 inches long, I think he's going to be tall just like his sister. He is always such an angel for the Dr., always does exactly what he is told, wonder what their secret is, do they know something that they should be sharing with me? :) He is starting to stand there with the cutest little grin on his face and just watch us when we want him to come to us, a little more than annoying, to say the least. Annoying because he's just so cute, and annoying because we know that it is time for him to start listening to, and obeying us, that requires action most of the time! He is such a little monkey most of the time. Tyler has completely given up on his little vocabulary that he had acquired and is now speaking in "his language." My kids just aren't early talkers at all, I think Brianna was 2 before she started putting many words together, she certainly makes up for it now, she's quite the chatterbox! I find myself missing all her chatter lately, since she has been sick she just hasn't been herself at all. We're hoping she pulls out of it pretty soon.
These last 2 pics were taken right after a very chilly 4-wheeler ride, as you can see from the very cute, chubby, red cheeks!


Springer Family said...

they grow up too fast!! He's such a doll!

sankey family said...

Looks like little Chubby Cheeks was having fun, though!
I hope Brianna's better soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Look please here

Taylors said...

What a cutie! It amazes me how fast time goes....Katie is very close to sitting up on her own. I'm getting a little bit sentimental already!

Have a great day!

Vonnie said...

Awwwww, they do grow up so fast!! He is darling. Sorry Brianna has been sick.