Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Valentines Day

These gorgeous roses, the Willow tree figurine, and the Crocs, are what Tim and the kids gave me for Valentines. I think flowers are at the top of my wish list for any occasion, I love them so much. Tim knew I'd been wanting a pair of Crocs so he got these for me and Brianna picked this color, probably not the color that I'd have chosen, but I thought that was so sweet of her. I have a growing collection of the Willow tree figurines, I just love their simplicity and form.

Brianna had a nice little Valentine's Party at school, each of the kids made these 'mailboxes' with their name on the little heart flag, for their Valentines to go into. I think she was pretty blown away by the fact that everybody was going to give her a Valentine. She came home a pretty happy little girl with all her 'loot'!

Tyler was pretty happy with the M&M's that he received in the mail from Grandpa and Grammy Dykes, they're his favorite candy! (Not that he eats much candy, but every now and then a boy has to have some chocolate, right? :)


Vonnie said...

Very nice gifts!!

CALISTA said...

Sweet! Joe bought me 2 journals and some chocolate Edy's ice cream with brownie chunks (I love him!!). I didn't know you collect Willow Tree figurines1 I have several of them myself!